Pledge to Smith County voters:

  • I pledge to lead the Commissioners Court and county government with openness,
    accountability, integrity, and decisive action. 
  • I will eagerly work with other community leaders to accomplish goals which best serve
    all of the people of Smith County; however, I will never make decisions based on blind
    allegiance to any government agency, political faction, special interest group, supporter
    or donor.
  • I will operate with only the highest ethical practices and true transparency.  Closed
    executive sessions will be rare, convened only when absolutely necessary, and will be
    conducted under a strict – not elastic – interpretation of the Texas Open Meetings Act.  
  • Taxpayer dollars entrusted to the Commissioners Court will not be viewed as a
    community cookie jar or a revenue stream to expand county government beyond its
    limited scope. My daily guiding principle will be stretching your tax dollars to deliver the
    highest quality essential services at the very best price.
  • Within my first year as your county judge, I will work with the Commissioners Court and
    other county officials to develop the framework for the first written comprehensive
    long-range business plan for Smith County’s multi-million dollar operation – a very big
  • I will work with all law enforcement, city officials from every city in our county,
    emergency service providers, non-profit agencies, and local media to make sure
    we proactively are prepared for natural or manmade disasters.
  • I will be on the job, timely, and responsive to taxpayers, county officials, county
    employees, community leaders, and to the media because county business is the
    People’s business.
  • If elected, I will roll back the salary of County Judge to remove the last two pay raises
    the current officeholder gave himself.
  • Because I don’t believe an elected official can carry on an ethical public life if his/her
    private life is messy, I understand my private conduct is a reflection on Smith County
    and is therefore subject to scrutiny. As a public servant, I will work hard every day to
    earn your trust.  I will set very high standards for myself and for those who work for me.
  • Each time I have taken the oath to uphold the United States Constitution as the
    Supreme law of the land, I meant it. A respect for the rule of law will always be my